Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Wednesday Wants #1

Introducing a new theme for blog posts on Wednesdays. I'm going to try to post a little every day for the whole summer (Shocker, I know!)

I'm going to try really hard though, and the theme for Wednesdays will be Wednesday Wants, inspired by amilliondresses posts. It's basically where I tel you what I want to buy/am dreaming of buying that week.

Here we go!

So this week I'm really in love with this dress:

It's the chiffon dress with skinny belt, and I am in LOVE with the colour! It's so pretty, and it's not too low cut, but my only issue is the length. I don't know if I would feel comfortable in a dress that short...

Next is this hi-low black dress:
The embroidered collar shirt dress with belt is a really pretty dress too, but not one I think I could pull off. I need to get some more casual dresses, because it's summertime now and I can't keep wearing winter clothes!

I am in love with these shoes:

They are absolutely gorgeous! They are the mirrored platform pumps from Forever 21, and I'm definitely going to have to get these!

Next are these gladiator sandals:

I've been looking for a pair of coloured gladiator sandals for the longest time (since 7th grade), and I think I've found some!

I also really like this peplum shirt:
I don't think I'd suit peplum shirts, but this one is pretty. If I wanted to give them a go then this is probably the one I'd go with.

I can totally see Zoe (Zoella) wearing this:

It's so pretty!

I love these wedge sneakers but I could never bring myself to buy them because they're $80...:

So cool! :)

 I also really like these converse (represent my home!):

If I was tanned instead of pale, I'd totally buy this skirt:
It'd look so pretty with a great tan.

These would go with the converse ;) :

I also really love this dress, it's very cute and lacy:

It seems that I'm really into mint at the moment :)

So that's it for today, talk to you tomorrow!
Zoe xx

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