Monday, 10 June 2013

Music Monday #3!

Hello! I am SOOO sorry it's been ages since I've done a music monday... :( Now that school's over (just got closings to go!) I should be uploading WAY more frequently!! Yay!

My first song for this week is One Thing by One Direction. I have rediscovered their live iTunes performance EP, and I especially like this one :)

 The next song I've been liking is Cosmic Love by Florence and the Machine, from the album Lungs.

Next is The Fray's How to Save a Life, it's been a favourite of mine for ages, my friend and I sang it all the time together.

I am also really enjoying James Arthur's version of Impossible. He has an incredible voice, and I think he'll go far.

I've recently discovered the band The Hurts, and I especially like Guilt. It's so sad!

That's it for this week guys! Talk to you soon!
Zoe xxx

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