Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Shocking News Story

When did it become 'fashionable' to be a teen mother?

This article was brought to my attention on my never-ending voyage around the internet (you know how it is!) and I have to say I'm completely shocked. I would always make a career and a name for myself before I even CONSIDER having a family of my own. I want to have my family after my education is finished (I want to have a masters degree), and after I am married, so in my late 20s early 30s. This girl, Dafne, is 9 years old, and she has given birth to a baby. The father? A 17 year old boy. The mother didn't care, which I believe to be the worst part! And yes, I understand that they live in a place where younger mothers are maybe more the 'norm', but at 9 years old our 'parts' aren't developed enough to handle it.

I didn't even know how babies were made at 9.

This is just my rant, my opinion doesn't have to be yours.

Love always,

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