Saturday, 23 February 2013

I'm thinking of doing a review on the fashions for various award shows when they come up, and I am English, so I am going to review the fashions! :)
(I don't take credit for ANY of these photos x)

So the Brits happened on Wednesday, and I thought that some of the outfits were outrageous...

First off: Rita Ora

Honestly, I don't really like that colour on her it's too similar to her skin tone, and the dress isn't very flattering. I adore Rita, so I'm not criticizing, but I'm not loving the dress :/ It's not really her style...

Paloma Faith
First off, what the heck is going on with her hair??? I really like the colour of her dress, but I'm not too sure about the style with the gather in the middle and the asymmetric top...

Next, my favourite person ever (NOT!) Taylor Swift

Someone else (I can't remember who) was wearing a VERY similar dress to this. Also I don't think it really goes with her whole 'naive, pure, innocent' persona... But her hairs nice I guess.. :P

Little Mix

Now I love Little Mix, but I've thought for a while that they really need a new stylist. I think that Leigh-Anne looks nice (bit too much cleavage though) but Jesy doesn't suit that dress (she's gorgeous though, but she doesn't look too happy :( It's not really her style). Perry looks really cute and smiley, and Jade looks pretty too (but I think she looked better with red hair). They're all amazing though, and I adore their songs :)

Ed Sheeran

He is such a sweetie pie. I absolutely love him, but I don't think that suit does him justice. But he's Ed, so he can do no wrong.

One Direction

All looking extremely dapper. Especially liking Zayn's suit, they all look nice :) And congrats on the Brit boys!

Olly Murs

Not sure what's going on with the waistcoat type thing, but he looks happy and smiley and that makes me happy.

Conor Maynard

He looks nice, but he doesn't look to happy :( Maybe it's just the picture, I don't know.

Katherine Jenkins

Big fan of hers, she is AMAZINGLY super talented, but I really don't like this look D: The hair is strange, and I don't think that pattern does her justice. Beautiful woman, not such a beautiful look.

Louis Smith

I love this outfit! He looks very handsome, and like his bowtie :) I thought the colour of his suit looked good on him.

Emeli Sande

One of my favourite looks of the evening. Classy, elegant, charming; just like her :) Super talented, and I saw her live (she was amazing).

Jessie J

Not loving it I'm afraid... I don't think the style suits her, and I don't think the hair is great either :( Love her though, she's super talented and I love 'Who You Are' by her.

Grimmy (Nick Grimshaw)

Gotta love Nick Grimshaw :) His hair is the best :P

Robbie Williams

I really like the colour of his suit, very nice :) His performance was amazing too!

Caroline Flack

I love the colour of this dress! And I like her hair colour too, and her shoes are really cute. Nice one Flackers, you look great :)

Last but not least, JLS

They all look very dashing, but I don't love Marvin's suit. But they're all lovely, so it's ok :)

Alright, bye guys!

Love always,

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