Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Kid President: A Pep Talk

Everyone needs a pep talk every now and again. We all need a little encouragement. The Kid President does this really well. For a kid of his age, he really does say things that we all need to hear more often. And he is really funny too :P
This is the video if you want to check it out. He's hilarious, and a really nice kid. My school played it in assembly, and I then showed it to my family. I think everyone should take a look.

Some of my favourite quotes by him:

  • "If there are two paths, I want to be on the one that leads to awesome”
  • “The world needs to stop being boring"
  • “If life is a game, aren’t we all on the same team?”
  • “Don’t stop believing, unless your dream is stupid… then get a better dream and keep going, keep going, keep going…”
And when he talks about Robert Frost it makes me laugh
So check it out if you feel like smiling :P

Love always,

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