Monday, 20 May 2013

Review: NYC lipstick in Snowcone

Hello! Today I'm going to do a review of New York Colour's lipstick in the shade 'Snowcone'. I bought this at my local drugstore (haul to be uploaded if you're interested + I'm going to review all of the products as I try them out).

NYC brand is very inexpensive, this lipstick only cost $1.77, so a really good deal if you're on a budget. I'm very impressed with how pigmented it is, the colour payoff is rather nice.

Nice little swatch for you
The shade suits me quite well (I've got quite the 'English Rose' complexion going on, so if you're pale like me this colour will suit you!)

Here is a closeup of what it looks like on the lips because it's quite hard to see:
The only thing that isn't great about this lipstick is the packaging.

It looks ok, however the lipstick doesn't wind down all the way, so every time I put the lid back on I'm worried I'm going to break the lipstick!

Also it's important to note that the lipstick isn't that moisturizing, however it didn't dry my lips out too much either!

All in all I'm very impressed with this lipstick, and I will be buying more NYC lipsticks in the future.


I should be doing my second music monday later (at this rate it might end up being a music tuesday!)

Zoe xxx

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